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Rachael Storm

Nurse Practitioner & Aesthetics Expert

LowTE Florida

4540 N. Federal Highway

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When seeking an aesthetics expert, it is of the utmost importance to work in partnership with the practitioner so they fully explain a recommended global treatment plan and the objectives of each individual component. Once a plan has been described, you should have the opportunity to select which procedure(s) you would like to have performed, remembering that a plan with sequential treatment options is financially attractive as well as a gradual and natural aesthetic transition.

Practitioners are beginning to understand that the ultimate goal of nonsurgical cosmetic procedures is patient satisfaction, which generally can be defined as the delivery of a natural, relaxed look for most patients. Multiple available modalities, including botulinum neurotoxin type A (Dysport or Botox) and fillers (Restylane or Juvederm), alone or in combination with other therapies, can be used to achieve this goal. In order for a practitioner to create a naturally lifted look, it is important to asses each patient’s face individually. The muscles and structures of the face are linked, so it is important to consider how they move together in order to create a natural look.

The formulation of a global treatment plan; education, training, and experience; and effective practitioner/patient communication are all key to the successful utilization of these therapies—and the achievement of a relaxed and natural look!

If you’re considering aesthetic services, be sure to schedule a consultation with Rachael Storm. She is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner and aesthetics expert who offers patients high-quality aesthetic facial treatment services. Consultation is KEY, and she will discuss how her treatments and others will work best for keeping your hands, face and neck healthy and rejuvenated. Connect with Rachael Storm today at LowTE Florida at 954.791.4498 or [email protected]

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