Carolyn Zaumeyer

No More Fireworks in the Bedroom?

Carolyn Zaumeyer

Nurse Practitioner

LowTE Florida

4540 N. Federal Highway

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As time goes on, our hormone levels are declining (starting as early as your late twenties for women and early thirties for men). While low hormones are not the only factor that may be affecting your desire for intimacy, they play a major role in sexual desire and satisfaction. For many people, a gentle, natural correction of their hormones can bring back that loving feeling!

Optimizing your hormones may be just what you need to be the horizontal rock-star you know deep down inside you are! Symptoms of declining hormones can be: Difficulty sleeping, lack of energy, loss of mental focus and memory, feeling moody, anxious, depressed. Many people notice weight gain, decreased muscle strength, joint pain and reduced sexual desire and performance.

With over 80 years of research behind us – Bio-Identical Hormone Pellets have been proven to be safe and effective in optimizing hormones! Personalizing the dose for you is critical for your success.

So why use Bio-Identical Hormones? Because they allow your body to feel and function as it did maybe 10-15 years ago. Restoring your youthful hormone balance is paramount to feeling and looking your best. Balanced hormones can help you meet the demands of life without turning down the speed-dial.

Research has also shown that optimizing your hormones with Bio-Identical Hormone pellet therapy is protective to the heart, bones, breasts, brain and relationships!

Hormone replacement therapy has been getting a lot of attention lately and many practitioners go to a week-end course to add BHRT to their practice. Carolyn has dedicated her studies and practice to BHRT and has a deep passion for optimizing her patients’ health.

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