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In the past, many individuals were uncomfortable wearing contact lenses due to irritation, dry eyes, excessive movement, or achy eyes. There is now wonderful news in that a revolutionary type of contact lens, scleral lenses, can be fit for the vast majority of patients who were previously unhappy or uncomfortable with contact lenses. These lenses provide sharper vision, greater lens wearing time, easier handling, and importantly, a reduced risk of infections or other complications as a result of the amazing advancements of scleral contact lenses. In my experience, these lenses are especially helpful for those with dry eyes, keratoconus, irregular astigmatism, Sjogrens Syndrome, and those with difficulties following LASIK, RK, or history of any corneal surgery. Additionally, those individuals spending hours per day on digital devices may experience eye fatigue, strain, and dry eyes, thereby making the experience with contact lenses less favorable. In contrast, scleral contact lenses actually hydrate the ocular surface while being worn, creating far sharper vision and a far greater comfort level.

Scleral contact lenses are larger in size. Their weight does not rest on the actual cornea, like a gas permeable or hard contact lens, but rather it rests on the sclera, which is the white part of the eye, and vaults over the cornea. This gives the patient a much better level of comfort while wearing the lenses, since the sclera is a lot less sensitive compared to the cornea. Since all scleral lenses are customized for each patient, one can have a custom crafted lens that will maximize your vision at every distance and visual demand. Scleral contact lenses are an amazing breakthrough in offering outstanding vision and comfort! I am specialty trained and certified in fitting scleral contact lenses and this expertise has created a large niche in my practice as an eye physician.

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