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Homestead and 10 Other Exemptions

FTIC's Randy Gilbet on homestead and other exemptions

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Do I qualify? If by January 1, your property is either your permanent home, or the permanent home of a person who is legally or naturally your dependent, you may qualify for up to $50,000.00 of Homestead Exemption to reduce your property tax bill.

Other Exemptions: (1) Granny Flat – New additions built for parent or grandparent; (2) $500 Total Disability; (3) $500 Blind; (4) $500 Widow; (5) Low Income Senior (< $29,454/yr) must apply annually; (6) Veteran Disability (4 types); (7) Deployed Military must apply annually; (8) First Responder Disability; (9) Surviving Spouse of Military Vet or First Responder; and (10) Historic Property.

How many properties? If you or your spouse have a homestead exemption on another property, you’re personally ineligible.

Filing Deadlines? For 2019 exemptions, file between March 2, 2018 and March 1, 2019. But, if you can show inability to timely file or other extenuating circumstances, late filings for 2019 may be allowed up to September 18, 2019. For 2018 exemptions, you’re too late (that deadline ended March 1, 2018).

How to file? In Broward, go to https://bcpasecure.net/homesteadonline/web/index.aspx.

Who files? For married couples (“Tenants by the Entirety”) or Joint Tenants with Right of Survivorship (“JTWROS”), any one owner may qualify for 100% coverage. For owners such as Tenants in Common (e.g. co-owners by percentage), each occupying owner must file according to their proportional interest (e.g. $40,000 property with residing owner’s interest being 25%, means $10,000 of homestead exemption is all that is applied).

Portability? Owners can transfer their “Save Our Homes” benefit earned on a previous homestead property to their new homestead property. If you are applying for a new homestead exemption and held a homestead exemption on a previous property within the last 2 tax-years in Florida, you should also submit a portability application with your homestead application.

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