Revolutionary Chiropractic Care Center Opens in Miami

The Corrective Chiropractic Wellness Center focuses on physical, mental and emotional health. 

One of the country’s top chiropractors, Dr. Jason Worrall, recently relocated his practice from California to Miami and established Rejuve, a Corrective Chiropractic Wellness Center, bringing his exceptional expertise and healing to South Florida. Dr. Worrall’s scientific yet compassionate approach to chiropractic care has gained recognition in the industry. 

Rejuve in Miami offers comprehensive services that redefine holistic well-being. After successfully running his practice in California, Dr. Worrall has brought his unique approach to chiropractic care to the Corrective Chiropractic Wellness Center, located at 175 SW 7th St., Suite 2305. His giving mentality and commitment to love and serve his patients set Dr. Worrall apart. His exceptional healing and expertise have made a profound impact on countless lives.

“My dad kind of drove me with the work ethic, and my mom always taught me to love and respect everybody, so that’s what I do,” he says. “I call what I have a ‘high love practice,’ meaning there’s a lot of love and we’re blessed to serve a lot of people.”

Dr. Worrall’s expertise is sought after by individuals worldwide, including the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and across the U.S. His chiropractic care has earned him international recognition, and he has treated high-profile celebrities such as Serena Williams, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Chuck Liddell, Tyron Woodley, Dwyane Wade, Bismack Biyombo, Eva Longoria and Jason Statham. 

His passion for chiropractic care began after a life-altering car accident. Having found relief through chiropractic treatments, he enrolled in chiropractic school at 18 and has since been on a mission to spread the word about the transformative power of chiropractic care.

“Health is on purpose,’ he says. “You can be healthy, you can be financially successful, you can have amazing relationships. [Health] is something that you create for yourself.” 

Dr. Worall’s approach at Rejuve is centered around understanding the unique needs of every individual seeking wellness. The journey to wellness begins with a thorough consultation and examination, which includes cutting-edge diagnostics like X-ray analysis using the latest software. This enables Dr. Jason to meticulously evaluate spinal health and compare each patient’s spine to usual standards, ensuring personalized and precise care. Keeping in line with his philosophy of measuring one’s health status being vital, Rejuve’s approach includes the entire body DEXA composition scan. This comprehensive assessment provides insights into muscle content, body fat percentage, bone mineral density, and side-to-side balance.

Patients can choose from three different care options when they visit the office. The first option gives patients access to resources without starting a specific care plan. The second option, corrective care, is a more dynamic approach to reshaping the spine actively. This option typically involves two to four visits per week. The third option, “low and slow,” or wellness care, is designed to help individuals maintain their overall well-being and health. This approach caters to those seeking ongoing wellness and those gradually working towards their goals.

Dr. Worall’s dedication to holistic wellness is reflected in his integration of innovative therapies such as infrared and hyperbaric treatments. Infrared therapy, administered through 15 to 20-minute sessions, helps reduce inflammation and enhance the body’s natural healing abilities. At Rejuve, Dr. Worall provides a soothing environment where clients can lay on an infrared bed, which leads to increased energy production and faster healing. These advanced therapies highlight his commitment to holistic wellness beyond traditional chiropractic care.

Dr. Worall’s warm and personable nature has earned him a considerable presence on social media. His captivating chiropractic adjustment videos have gained immense popularity, with several going viral. He has also amassed 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube (YouTube.com/DrJason) thanks to his high-quality chiropractic adjustments and professional demeanor with patients.

(Photo Credit: Dr. Worrall)

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