Shannan Mosley

Self-Care Is Essential to Family Life

Shannan Mosley

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Sometimes daily life such as working, raising our children to be healthy young adults, attending to career obligations, or helping our parents who are in their senior years to live the rest of their lives comfortably add stress.

We get so occupied in the role of the caretaker, parent, proxy; we forget to take a moment to be human. Very often, we neglect the most important person, ourselves. When this happens, we have to slow down and revisit our desires and goals in life. We allow ourselves to get wrapped up in taking care of our loved ones. It is easy to forget about our individual purpose. The consequences yourself can lead to becoming overwhelmed, stressed, and burnout at a minimum.

On airplanes, you are always instructed, “in the event of an emergency, put your mask on first, then the mask of others.” There is a reason for that. If you cannot take care of yourself, there is no way that you can be effective in taken care of anyone else. Understanding that self-love is family love.

A happier, healthier, less stressed adult will ultimately make clear choices that best suit their family’s needs. Taking time for yourself this spring should be paramount; it allows you to regain calmness in your soul. It is so easy to get wrapped up in everyone else’s daily activities; that we lose focus on what we need.

Learn how to get back to the things that brought you joy and peace. Make time with friends, plan a trip to the beach, get some exercise, or enjoy a spa day. Do something to make you smile. It is okay to be a little selfish in a healthy way. It is not neglecting family or their desires.

Life is about balance; your inner peace and happiness are essential.

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