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Summertime Tips

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Summertime is my favorite time of year, full of fun, laughter and new experiences. One reason that I look forward to summer is because my stepchildren visit for 2 months. Of course, this means adjustments to routines as we become a blended family. With that said, although we have our ups and downs, we really do get along very well. Looking at our big -blended family of 5 children (aged 7-17), I can’t help but wonder how we all get along so well, despite the large range of ages? What makes our situation different from the horror stories I’ve heard so often? I decided to ask the kids to give me some insight on why we “work”. So here are my families tips for success for blended families!

Take a genuine interest in each child.

Children want to feel that they can be human. Allow them to make mistakes and not compare them to biological children.

Teach me something!

Limit PDA around the children.

Understand this can be hard on children.

Don’t use the child’s nicknames that they have with their (other) parents, that’s their special bond.


Give everyone a chance.

Be open minded.

Always discipline out of love and never out of anger.

Lastly, remember that this doesn’t happened overnight. When you become a stepparent, the relationship takes time to develop as you get to know each other. Open communication, listening and being together will help create trust and build memories. This is a bond that will grow over time. Love, understanding and communication are the keys to a happy blended family. For more tips and information, please visit our website

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