Teaching Kids About Appreciation and Empathy

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It is a month after the holidays and the toys that you picked out so meticulously for your children are already cast aside and they are looking for the next best thing. You hear the words parents are so familiar with I’m bored or I never get anything I want. As parents, we may second-guess ourselves and take it personally. We may start saying to ourselves, I wish he or she understood how hard we worked to pick out this special toy for them. How does my child get bored so quickly and, can you just be a little more appreciative? Appreciation, empathy, the ability to accept the word NO, are the keys to creating a child that can value life experiences.

Humans are born selfish, it is a natural characteristic, however, remaining selfish is a learned behavior and turns can become entitled. It is our job as parents to teach our children that life is not about getting all the newest things, it is about valuing what they have and or receive. One way to teach this is, prior to the holidays or birthdays make sure your children pack up some of their gently used toys and donate them to places that take toys for children in need. Make giving the toys away a fun experience for your child. You can say, “Imagining how much fun another child will get to have with this doll. I’m so proud of you for sharing!” Empathy is one of the essential building blocks to having an appreciative and grateful child. Helping our children understand everything they receive is a gift, not an obligation, we can say “no.” Make your child accountable, when they ask for the next thing remind them of their behaviors and actions. Make sure that your child is earning the things they requests. Teaching them everything has consequences and rewards, and it’s just being given to them. Visit us at www.Lotsoflovehomecare.com

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