Carolyn Zaumeyer

Testosterone for Women?? Really??

Carolyn Zaumeyer

Nurse Practitioner

LowTE Florida

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Although testosterone is most notably a hormone related to all things male, in smaller amounts it is also an important hormone for women. Testosterone has many functions in the body, including effects on bone density, muscle mass, libido, fat distribution, heart health, and blood cell production. So, in addition to caring about testosterone levels in her male partner, a woman should be concerned about her own testosterone levels too.

Testosterone has over 100 functions in the body ~ If your testosterone level is low, you may just not feel like your old self. If your testosterone level is low you could be experiencing symptoms such as: decreased libido, muscle weakness, fatigue, depressed mood, increased anxiety, disruptive sleep and weight gain.

Testosterone also has some health-protective roles after menopause and low levels can increase some areas of health risk including: bone loss/osteoporosis, muscle wasting, obesity, depression and heart disease.

Are you curious about your testosterone level? At LowTE Florida, we test your hormones, thyroid and several other markers to be able to guide you with the best treatment to get your feeling your best!

Research has shown that optimizing your hormones with Bio-Identical Hormone pellet therapy is protective to the heart, bones, breasts, brain and relationships!

Hormone replacement therapy has been getting a lot of attention lately. Many practitioners go to a week-end course and add BHRT to their practice – without the in-depth knowledge and passion that of hormone expert Carolyn Zaumeyer.

At LowTE Florida® we provide individualized treatment based on your biochemistry and your medical history using the proven BioTE® method – grounded in science, not guesswork. For more information, go to: or call 954-791-4498.

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