The Aging Deserve Our Respect

Maria M. Torre


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When you think of senior living, one might think: Will my loved one be safe? Will they be treated with care, kindness, patience and dignity? Will their quality of life benefit from it? It is not always easy for seniors to transition from their family home to an assisted living facility, nor is it comfortable for families to have to make a decision that entails not having their loved ones under their care. Always put yourself in their shoes, and ask how you would want to be treated if this were you. Everyone deserves to live a life with dignity, compassion, and respect. Aging is a journey. Just like us, our elderly have had careers, and have worked hard for many years in life’s journey. Their journey should take them to a place they can call home, surrounded by love, compassion, caring, and respect. “Our elderly should not be forgotten, they should be celebrated.”

Where will our journey lead us? We can only hope it is somewhere where we will be surrounded by love, respect dignity, and caring. Where we are not just a number and, most importantly, where we are not “forgotten.” The Residences of United HomeCare and United HomeCare’s philosophy is to celebrate aging, to find ways of transforming senior living so that older adults can age in place with security, dignity, and most of all respect. It is hard to face the challenges of aging and seeing a loved one no longer able to remain independent. There are organizations that can help. There is an aging network in South Florida and throughout the state that is here to help guide you, provide you and your loved one with the guidance, information, and/or even the care you need—whether at an assisted senior living facility or in your own home—you are not alone. For more information, please call 305.716.0710.

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