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Tips for Back to School

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Students are now gearing up to go back to school after a year and a half hiatus from the classrooms. Many are excited and possibly anxious. Here are some tips to make this a smooth transition back to school!

Find a child care provider if necessary: Most schools in Broward county have after school programs for child care. There are also nannies or other child care programs. Establish a new bed time. As a students get older, it may be appropriate to give them a few extra minutes before their bedtime.

By establishing a new bedtime, your student may feel more mature and have a better mindset for the school year. Set up a daily routine. Routine is important for children of all ages. Establish a sequence of daily activities from grooming to double checking backpacks before school to after school homework, snack and bedtime. Get organized and prepared early. Help your child prepare.

Since we are going back into the classroom for the first time, students may forget common things. As parents we should double check with our child to ensure that they are ready for the next day. Discuss any of your child’s fears. Sometimes children suffer with anxiety. Going to a new school and a new grade, especially after the pandemic, can be scary. Discuss your child’s fears with them and assure them that their fears are healthy and natural and you’ll be there to support them.

Set goals for this school year. Talk about your memories from summer: A little trip down memory lane never hurt anyone. Reminding your child of the great times that they’ve had with you and looking forward to new memories, always make the day smoother. For more tips or to schedule a free consultation, visit our website at

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