Wellness After Treatment

Molly Lauroesch, Director of Alumni Services & Resources, FHE Health

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During the inpatient and out-patient treatment process, a person is beginning a path of healing and recovery. But what comes after leaving the safety of treatment? This is where the journey truly begins. Aftercare is extremely important in insuring successful long-term recovery. People who engage in aftercare have a much higher success rate than those who try to go it alone. Many people upon leaving treatment can become overwhelmed with the stresses of everyday life. Remember, recovery is not a solo task. Finding the right support and help navigating this new and exciting path, is where the aftercare staff begins their work to ensure no-one walks this path alone.

FHE Health has a network of staff and alumni to assist individuals taking those exciting new steps in recovery. At FHE Health alumni come together as a community every week for a dinner gathering and throughout the month many fun events. Alumni understand how tough the aftercare piece can be, which is what makes aftercare so successful, the sharing and relating to each other.

Family and loved ones have their own pathway of healing from the damage that may have occurred as a result of their loved one’s disease. For family members, there are support groups like Naranon, and Alanon offering a path of recovery for them as well. FHE Health also offers continued support to family members by providing a weekly aftercare group.

Treatment may be the start of a new beginning for both the individual and their loved ones, but it is certainly not the end. Whether you are an alumnus or family member. FHE Health is always available to assist in anyway. FHE Health will work to find the right fit for any individual seeking help. Our passion is helping those find hope and healing.

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