What is changing as my face ages?

Dr. Nathan Eberle

Atlantic Center of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery

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Facial aging is a complex mixture of volume loss and skin laxity creating deepening of the nasolabial folds, downturned corners of the mouth, jowling and neck skin laxity just to name a few. The neck and jowls are a dead giveaway every time.

How can I improve my facial appearance?

Combating the signs of facial aging consists of a dual approach, one to address the skin and the other to address the deeper structures of the face. Skin resurfacing using a laser can restore the texture and quality of the skin while surgical procedures are employed to help turn back the hands of time. Either alone can yield good results, but for the best results this dual approach is adopted.

What is the difference between a mini and a full facelift?

A “mini” facelift consists of a shorter scar than a traditional full facelift, however is often used in younger individuals or patients that have previously undergone a full facelift and need a minor touch up

How long should a facelift last?

A well done face and/or neck lift should last 7-10 years assuming the patient does not gain or lose any significant amount of weight, however some surgeons perform skin only instead of skin and deep tissue surgery, which may not last as long.

Who should I consult with regarding my facial Aesthetic/Cosmetic Surgery?

There is a select small group of surgeons whom should be performing facial cosmetic surgery. This group of plastic surgeons has an extensive expertise in facial cosmetic surgery and should be the surgeon’s you are looking for, not the run of the mill plastic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon or oral surgeon whom mostly does things other than facial aesthetic surgery. At the Atlantic Center we have not one but two surgeons’s with extensive training operating on the face and will be happy to help you with your facial aesthetic needs.

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