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Why is online schooling so hard for my child?

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Online schooling is the new norm for a lot of children right now. However, studies show students all over exhibit lack motivation, are not taking their education and participation seriously, or are plain uninterested. So what can we do as parents to help our students succeed in their new educational platform? The most critical thing children need consistency and routine. The first thing we can do is make your home an learning environment. Keeping children focused during school time can be difficult. If possible, set up an area specifically for education, maybe the dining room, formal living room, or office; when in doubt, you can always make the kitchen table as the “school area.” Have pencils, paper, fully charged devices, and any other supplies needed readily available. Ensure your kiddo is in the designated learning area and out of the comfort of their rooms during school time. It’s easy to stay in pajamas and be comfortable. However, when we decide to get bathed and dressed for the day, we have a little more motivation. These small things will take children out of home and into the educational thought process.

Even with consistency and scheduling, your child could still struggle. Their challenge maybe their learning style. Online schooling is best for auditory, visual, or passive learners. A lot of students, especially younger ones, benefit from kinesthetic or active learning. Kinesthetic and active learners are children who must see, hear, and feel their lessons, to be able to have a full-body learning experience. It is hard to make online learning work for active learners. While it may be difficult, parents can try to do activities, field trips, and games to produce an active learning experience. Something as small as following a recipe to baking a cake can teach math, reading, and science! As Benjamin Franklin said, “tell me, and I forget. Teach me, and I will remember. Involve me, and I learn.”

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