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Why use Luxury Cruise and Tour as your travel advisor?

Ken Heit


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Experience, Knowledge, Service and Accessibility. This comes with over 30 years of cruise and destination experience. Ken Heit, Owner has personally traveled around the world and is an expert of personalized travel.

If you are interested in Luxury travel, then Luxury Cruise and Tour should be your travel concierge.

We specialize in luxury cruise lines and luxury tour operators worldwide.

We can SAVE you MONEY and add AMENITIES on any cruise or tour booking.

Yes, you can book directly, but in doing so you are restricted to planning a vacation only with that company and NOT necessarily at the best possible price or added value. Quite often we have GROUP rates with added discounts and spending credits $$$. We can also share OUR commission with YOU. Already recently booked directly with a cruise line? We may be able to take over that booking and provide you with added savings.

Everyone knows there are cruises to the Caribbean, Hawaii and Alaska, but would you like to do something more creative or adventurous? There are wonderful places in the world to visit, from the Galapagos to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Sail to the ends of the earth, Arctic or Antarctica, or cruise 900 miles up the Amazon River to Manaus, Brazil—perhaps on the same vacation where you attend Carnival in Rio.

You want a luxury land tour? How about to one of our favorite Asian destinations in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand. Or, a Mekong River Cruise.

As travel professionals, we can tell you about these and other cruise and travel opportunities. Luxury Cruise and Tour can expertly fulfill your travel dreams with savings beyond what you would expect.

Book NOW! WE Save and WE Share $$$ with YOU!

If you are considering a cruise or tour, call now for a free consultation. 1.800.283.6997

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