Hidden away on the corner of Peppertree Plaza is a small and fairly non-descript storefront with just a minimal amount of décor and a neon sign that indicates the small restaurant that is inside. 

The interior is reminiscent of a rustic family restaurant in Bangkok with wooden carvings, artistic hand-made art in golden frames, and touches of bamboo and soft lighting. It feels warm and welcoming like home in some way.

This in no way prepares you for the level of great tastes you are about to experience with each dish. Even starting with a simple salad shows the amount of care they take in creating each dish, with crisp vegetables and a peanut dressing that is clear why it is a favorite among patrons. The wonton soup is simple, but flavorful with a light broth, fresh bean sprouts and wonton, as well as an equally light and crisp spring roll made with the freshest of ingredients. The crab rangoon was nothing to scoff at, either, with its creamy filling. It is perfectly paired with the sweet dipping sauce that has a bite that makes it much more interesting than the pedestrian fare served at other Thai restaurants.

Service is fast, attentive and very friendly – even on a busy night. The attention to detail on each plate from the soup to the main course is delightful with garnishes of flowers that make each dish feel, much less taste, authentic to the diner.  The establishment buys in small quantities so all the ingredients are of the freshest quality each and every night.

My selection of their title dish, the special pad thai, is a must have. The shrimps and scallops are cooked to the right firmness while still being tender to the bit. They are cooked in their popular peanut sauce that adds nuances to the dish’s flavor that make it hard to describe, but will leave you smiling with each bite. Upon request for the more adventurous palates, you can try their Thai sauce that is mildly hot or Pad Thai’s own mix of an authentic sauce with a little more kick – spicy not just in “heat,” but tasty in the layers of flavors.

Do not hesitate to try any of their other wonderful dishes, like the Siamese chicken or seafood combination in garlic sauce. It was so abundant in good flavor that I kept stealing extra tastes from my dining companion’s plate. I downed each bite with some Singha beer that enhanced the dish that much more. And I highly suggest the fried banana or tempura ice cream for dessert.

If you have a taste for large portions of authentic Thai cuisine, definitely make Pad Thai one of your first choices. 


Pad Thai

5458 W. Sample Rd., Margate