Foodie Finds: Aw, Shucks!

Find the delicacy served exclusively at City Oyster & Sushi Bar in Delray Beach.

It isn’t every day that you get an oyster named after you. But that’s exactly the case for Jordan Stilley, the executive chef of City Oyster & Sushi Bar in Delray Beach. Stilley, known throughout South Florida as “the fishing chef” for his lifelong love of fishing, was chatting up the team from Rappahannock Oyster Company in Virginia at a food show in Atlanta.

They were so impressed with his knowledge of food and fishing that they headed back and came up with “The Fishing Chef” oysters, harvested from the Chesapeake Bay and the Rappahannock River.

A quintessential East Coast oyster, the taste is consistent yet complex with notes of ocean brine followed by a smooth, sweet and buttery finish and served exclusively at City Oyster.

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