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How often have we been told that there is “strength in numbers?” As cliche as it sounds, nowhere is this adage more applicable than when it comes to working out! Often, those who begin a new – solo – exercise routine will fall out of habit within the first few months, if not surrounded by a community of fellow gym-goers. But those who find their #fitfam tend to stick to their routine and enhance their fitness levels.

Joining a fitness community can be the difference between dreading and loving your workout. A supportive fitness community promotes an environment that encourages growth and knowledge. The community will celebrate each other’s accomplishments and collaborate to help members overcome hurdles. Friendly rivalry within the group will push you to achieve new fitness goals. Most importantly, your fitness tribe will motivate you to stay dedicated and will make fitness enjoyable.

The communal element of a fitness community offers benefits that are not only physical, but also mental and social. One major benefit of joining a fitness community is accountability – your peers can provide the positive encouragement you need to get to the gym and stay on track with your health and fitness plan. Not only will your community lead you to exercise more often, but it will also inspire you to push harder during each workout. There is tons of evidence showing that working out with a partner motivates you to work out longer and with greater intensity than going at it solo. These physical benefits are coupled with undeniable mental and social perks: finding your fitness tribe will make you happy and lead to quality friendships. Working out becomes more than just a way to improve your body – it improves your life.

If you haven’t done so already, come check out a class at Cycleward Studio and see what it feels like to be supported by a compassionate and fun community. We take great pride in the diverse, dedicated and down right awesome community we have cultivated, full of caring and supportive members with a common goal: to be fit and have fun!

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