5 ArchiCamp

Model Making at 5 ArchiCamp

Virtual architecture camp 5 ArchiCamp teaches children how to construct model homes from the ground up

The husband-and-wife team behind a Boca Raton architectural firm have developed a five-day program that’s perfect for parents looking for an innovative way to engage their children this summer. Matt and Kenia Forget, partners in 5 Architecture, recently introduced 5 ArchiCamp—a virtual camp where kids can develop their model-making skills.

Children will work independently on a Sticks Cabin, an architectural wood model kit that comes with accessories (trees, people, solar panels) and all the supplies needed to construct the project. On each of the five days, campers follow pre-recorded instructional videos to build the cabin.

“We were inspired during our search of a solution for how to keep our kids busy this summer,” says camp co-founder Kenia Forget. “Once they tested out the architectural model, and we saw how interested they were while building and drawing, we knew that we needed to share this with other families and let their kids experience it as well.”

5 ArchiCamp is also offering a virtual two-day camp, where kids can learn about architectural drawings by tracing and coloring their own set of drawings. 5 ArchiCamp starts at $50 and is suitable for children ages 7 and older. Click here for additional details.

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