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North Broward Preparatory School Opens a Global Wellness Center

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D81_6196In September, North Broward Preparatory School announced the opening of its Global Wellness Center. The 39,691-square-foot building is designed to serve as a place for students to explore health, physical fitness, wellness and mindfulness approaches.

“Over the past decade, we have all acquired a greater understanding that health and fitness are important life skills,” says Elise Ecoff, the school’s headmaster. “Our vision is to give our students the tools to create wellness strategies that will last a lifetime. This building is just another example of our holistic approach to education and is a reflection of that vision.”

As studies increasingly show the connection between optimal health, and academic and career success, schools and other organizations are investing more in health and wellness centers­—and the programs they offer.

The two-story center will serve as a community hub with dance and yoga studios, two practice basketball courts, one main basketball court, a 3,000-square-foot weight room, five state-of-the-art global classrooms, six locker rooms, athletic administration suites and a gymnasium with an open viewing platform.

Our vision is to give our students the tools to create wellness strategies that will last a lifetime.

–Elise Ecoff, headmaster

D81_6128“We are thrilled that our elite athletes and our athletics programs will have access to such an amazing, new training facility,” says Mike Ostrowski, the school’s athletics director. “But the new building will also serve as a multidisciplinary space that will have a positive impact on the entire student body, with dynamic learning environments featuring health and wellness sessions related to stress management, positive body image and healthy choices.”

Throughout the year, the center will host speakers, authors and events focused on health-related issues and wellness topics such as eating disorders, social media safety, positive life choices and mindfulness. The building is expected to open in December.



Here’s a look at North Broward Prep’s Global Wellness Center:

  • Two-story
  • 39,691 square feet
  • 3 Basketball Courts
  • 5 state-of-the-art global classrooms
  • Open viewing platform into the gymnasium

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