Back, Knee, & Shoulder Pain

Anthony Rentas, Founder & President, Ex-Tensions, the Ultimate Stretch Facility

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Many believe tight muscles cause back, knee, and shoulder pain. But it is often due to the interplay between fascia and the nervous system creating a “direction pattern” for the muscles. Muscles, bones, nerves, and organs are surrounded by a connective tissue called fascia. Repetitive movements/positions (like sitting) and injuries cause scarring on the fascia surrounding the muscles. When the fascia becomes dense with scar tissue, it blocks the message from your brain to your muscle that typically causes the muscle to move the bone proficiently. And that is when you lose your mobility, stability, flexibility, pliability, range of motion, and neuromuscular efficiency – the ability to touch your toes.

Removing and reducing the scar tissue along the fascia and returning the nervous system’s “direction pattern” to normal will permit you to strengthen and lengthen your muscles.

Myofascial release is essential to any effective and safe muscle stretching technique. It effectively lengthens your muscles allowing your joints to return to their natural anatomical position.

Ex-tensions, “The Ultimate Stretch Facility,” combines Myofascial Release, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Static Stretching, and Vibration Therapy in every session to remove and alleviate the fascial tension, lengthen the muscles, and stimulate the circulatory system – to promote further wellness and healing and eliminate back, knee, and shoulder pain.

The Ex-Tensions stretching experience provides individuals with immediate results. Ex-Tensions Stretch Technicians will assess specific needs, special populations, physical goals, problem areas, and sources of pain. Each session is personalized for the individual.

So, if you suffer from back, knee, or shoulder pain – stop suffering! Come to Ex-Tensions and let us reduce the scar tissue on your fascia, lengthen your muscles, improve your circulation, increase your metabolic rate, reduce your bodyfat, eliminate pain, and ultimately change your life with our “Fountain of Youth” techniques.

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