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Everyone’s March calendar seems filled with bridal showers and bachelorette party invitations! It’s a wonderfully hopeful time of year, and I’m always thrilled to assist with these celebrations.

Pre-wedding parties or “bridal showers” date back to the 16th century as an alternative to the dowry system. Friends “showered” gifts on the bride-to-be so she could marry the man of her choice. Traditionally, small Cucumber Finger Sandwiches, tiny cookies and pots of tea were served; and this is a special touch I often offer today at the showers we cater.

It’s an especially joyous occasion celebrating with girlfriends while offering delicious food and lively libations to them. My catering company provides everything from the sweet and sedate to the wild and rambunctious, all perfectly planned, and sometimes kept secret, for the delightfully modern demoiselle.

This month’s calendar is bustling with parties as unique as each bride. One fair damsel prefers a not-so-teetotalling “Tea Party” theme with tiny, bite-sized canapés, my favorite being Balsamic Strawberry and Goat Cheese. English tea cups are also served, filled with tea-based cocktails, ever so prim and proper. Hot for fun? We can include a Latin band with your ladies dancing “Havana Nights” while preparing Media Noches (petite Cuban sandwiches) and Arroz con Pollo.

Cooking classes have become quite the rage when celebrating the bride-to-be. Several recent brides have opted for hands-on classes with a “Bubbles and Brunch” theme featuring peach nectar infused champagne cocktails like Mimosas and Bellinis, and Lemony Sauced Berry Turnovers. As for party favors at these classes, we suggest giving ones that your guests can actually use. Heart-shaped measuring cups, embroidered aprons and oven mitts will be cherished reminders of your time together.

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