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Don’t Cry Over Burned Prime Rib

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Every Christmas my sister April sets a gorgeous table with a delicious repertoire of family recipes. Last year, at my insistence, I suggested a sous vide bone in prime rib with exotic spices and then grilling rather than roasting our traditional pepper crusted 10+ pounder. I fired up the Weber to medium heat and laid that choice slab rib side down, checked the temperature, closed the lid, and assured April “I got this”. I headed inside for a well-deserved foot massage. After more than a few minutes lo and behold, I thought I saw smoke. Then I saw April, ponytail bobbing, jumping like skipping rope, in and out of the black billows, with flames shooting high in the air. This is one Christmas we will never forget. We sat at the table, hand in hand counting our blessings, as I smilingly swallowed a big spoonful of humility. Our bellies overstuffed with side dishes, desserts, giggles, laughter, comfort, and joy.

No crying at Christmas! Holidays are about creating memories with the ones you love. The key to being stress free (and enjoying it) is to call me! I am here to help!

Scenario: You’ve picked up your impressive gourmet dinner and it’s ready for your oven. You are enjoying a day with your family. Steaming potpourri of cinnamon and cloves fills your house with mouthwatering aromas! You pour yourself a glass of wine and put the finishing touches on the table and buffet. According to Lenore’s simple, but explicit directions, everyone will be eating in an hour.

“Don’t fill up on hors d’oeuvres,” you say. “Dinner is almost ready.”

Aperol Holiday Spritz

3 oz. each Aperol and Prosecco

1 oz. Pom Juice

Splash Grapefruit Soda

Grapefruit Slice & Pomegranate Seeds Garnish

A stemless glass, lots of ice. Enjoy!

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