Colombian Contemporary Artist Juliana Plexxo to Debut Interactive Art Exhibition During Miami’s Art Week

The exhibition will feature signature abstract artworks that incorporate Augmented Reality technology.

An interactive art exhibition titled “Juliana Plexxo X Studio 46 Barcelona – A Contemporary Art Exhibition” featuring Augmented Reality (AR) will be debuted by Colombian Contemporary Artist Juliana Plexxo during Miami’s Art Week 2023. The exhibition, a collaboration between Studio 46 Barcelona, sponsored by Source Protocol, and powered by One of Us, will be displayed through Dec. 10 at the National Hotel Miami Beach. The immersive experience will comprise five pop-up events, each showcasing different elements of art and technology, unique networking opportunities, a private gala, live performances, and a meet-and-greet with the artist herself, Juliana Plexxo.

During the event, attendees will be fully immersed in the exceptional and visionary universe of Juliana Plexxo. She will showcase her latest collection, “Rhythm,” which reflects her dedication to merging traditional and contemporary art. Studio 46, considered one of the most significant art spaces worldwide, has previously exhibited works by renowned artists such as Joan Miro, Salvador Dalí, and Tapies. Juliana Plexxo is now following in their esteemed footsteps.

Plexxo has been nominated for the “Best Young Talent” award by the University of Berkeley, California, and has also been featured on Forbes’ 2022 list of the 50 most creative people. Her artwork is heavily influenced by her cultural heritage and her unique approach to creating one-of-a-kind pieces. With a creative process entirely distinct from the norm, her upcoming exhibition in Miami will showcase her cubism style and incorporate her learned techniques with an AR immersive twist.

“In a world dominated by digital technology, it’s more important than ever to preserve traditional artistic techniques,” Plexxo says. “As an artist dedicated to the craft of engraving, I am committed to reviving this fading art form and showcasing its beauty and intricacy to a new generation of art lovers.” 

One of the few Latin artists to call Studio 46 Barcelona her workplace, Plexxo has emerged as a driving force for Latin women in the industry.

 “As a female artist, I am dedicated to breaking down barriers and shattering stereotypes to empower women in the art world,” Plexxo says. “Through my work, I aim to challenge the status quo and create a more inclusive and diverse space for all artists to thrive.” 

At 6 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 4, a special meet and greet presentation by Juliana Plexxo herself will be held. Source Protocol will host a black-tie networking night at 7 p.m. on Dec. 7. This event will allow guests to enhance their connections in the art and tech industries while celebrating the launch of Source Protocol. The same night will also feature a presentation and live art performance from Plexxo at 8 p.m.

On the closing night of Dec. 9 at 6 p.m., a private PR and networking event will welcome 250 art and innovation enthusiasts. The event will feature a captivating, interactive live art performance by Plexxo, a musical performance by a live DJ, and an all-inclusive catered experience at a stunning outdoor location in the National Hotel. The exhibition will remain open for one more day, starting at 10 a.m. on Dec. 10. Guests can expect a modern exhibition experience that celebrates the innovative ways art and technology can combine to inspire a revolution of fine arts and business.

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