Compression Fractures of the Spine

Robert P. Norton, M.D. FAAOS

Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

Florida Spine Associates


Question: Dear Dr. Norton, I was told that I have a compression fracture in my back. It is quite painful; is there anything that can be done to relieve the pain?

Answer: Compression fractures of the spine occur most often in people with osteoporosis. They can be exquisitely painful and debilitating. A common misconception is that they only occur after a fall. While this can certainly happen, often they occur after a forceful cough or sneeze or even simply bending over to tie one’s shoes. Fortunately there is a simple and easy permanent fix for these injuries. It’s called a Kyphoplasty and is done in the office in about 10 minutes. After numbing you skin, I simply place a small needle into the broken bone under x-ray guidance in our office. I can then inject a small amount of bone “glue” to stabilize the broken bone. This is a permanent fix and serves to get rid of the pain from the broken bone and to prevent further collapse of the bone so you don’t become deformed and hunched over. It gets rid of the pain immediately and you can walk out of the office with nothing more than a Band-Aid!

If you have back pain and think you may have a compression fracture or you were told by your doctor that you do indeed have a compression fracture then call my office to come in for an evaluation and treatment right away to rid yourself of pain and to stabilize the potentially broken bone before it worsens. I have successfully performed hundreds of Kyphoplasties to treat compression fractures in patients just like you. I have lectured to other doctors on the management of spinal compression fractures and I am the expert author of a textbook chapter to educate doctors on the techniques for performing the Kyphoplasty procedure.

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