Anthony Giuffrida


Dr. Anthony Giuffrida, M.D.

Director, Interventional Spine & Pain Management

3000 Bayview Drive, Fort Lauderdale



Lifestyle Magazine welcomes our newest medical Expert Columnist, Dr. Anthony Giuffrida, MD. Dr Giuffrida is a board-certified physiatrist and fellowship trained in interventional spine and sports medicine. His practice is dedicated to the treatment of spine and sports-related pain.

Dr. Giuffrida brings the highest level of expertise in non-surgical treatments designed to help alleviate pain. His mission is to improve his patient’s quality of life while changing the face of pain medicine using a mixture of conventional and cutting-edge wellness techniques to alleviate the patient’s pain while avoiding both surgery and long-term addictive medication.

Dr. Giuffrida is at the forefront of significant advancements in the management of pain, helping patients of all ages who suffer from all forms of pain, including lower back, mid-back and neck, as well as issues affecting nerves, joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons. Dr. Giuffrida’s individually tailored treatment plans highlight the most progressive techniques comprising of the intracept procedure. Steroid injections, Kyphoplasty./Vertebroplasty, Ultrasound-Guided Injections, Spinal Cord Stimulators, Sympathetic Blocks and RadioFrequency Ablation. He is the first and only physician in South Florida to offer breakthrough treatment for patients with chronic low back pain. Additionally, he is deeply committed to research and development in the field of regenerative medicine, utilizing such procedures as Stem cell and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections.

Dr. Giuffrida prides himself in always investigating a previously unexplored option for his patients. He approaches each case with a team-driven mindset, creating a patient-physician partnership resulting in personalized treatment plans designed to achieve the best results. He relentlessly pursues improvements in the overall health and wellness of his patients using an array of options from diet, exercise, therapies, non-opiod medications and interventions. Dr. Giuffrida is one of the first practitioners to offer a new minimally invasive treatment for both spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease that falls on the continuum of care between conservative surgery.

Look forward to monthly updates on interventional spine and pain management from Dr. Anthony Giuffida.

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