A Flower That’s Built to Last

It began with a love story.

Michael and Deborah Gregg met in art history class and quickly connected. Fast forward and the Parkland residents, now married for 28 years with two grown children, have both enjoyed career success through creative outlets in the fine arts and design, as well as teaching (Deborah) and advertising/marketing (Michael). With such diverse expertise, it’s no wonder the two decided to explore a different kind of partnership—one born out of an affectionate gesture Michael has been making since their early days of dating.

Deborah always appreciated the flowers that Michael brought home. She loved them so much, in fact, that she had trouble throwing them out.

“I would whittle them down to the last good one that was left, and put them in smaller vases,” she says with a laugh, recalling times she’d ask him to throw away the wilted arrangements when she wasn’t looking.

The quest to find roses that could stay fresh much longer planted an idea for a business.

Michael’s family is originally from Ecuador, so he benefits from his local knowledge of the country. “Ecuador probably in the last 10 years became the top producer of roses,” he says, making it a natural spot to source their product.

The Greggs’ business, Luna Rosa Reserve, collects high-caliber roses from Ecuador and transforms them from disposable bouquets into luxury arrangements that can last up to a year.

“The roses are fresh-cut, and right after [that], they go into the preservation process where the sap is removed,” says Michael of the Coral Springs-based business. “The sap is replaced by a proprietary substance that’s essentially like skin product ingredients.”

The process keeps the flower intact longer than those that aren’t treated. It allows each petal to retain color, softness and texture. Think of it as a floral Botox treatment, suspending each bud at its ripest moment in time.

Luna Rosa Reserve roses have become known as luxury items, with requests coming in from around the country for everything from personal and corporate gifts to displays for weddings and hospitality settings. Each order is presented in packaging designed by the Greggs themselves and accompanied by a custom card, care instructions and the creation date of the arrangement.

“We want to make sure everything just looks beautiful, because that’s the experience we want our clients to have,” Deborah says.

The Greggs have collaborated on many creative projects over the years, with Luna Rosa Reserve being one they were able to build together from scratch. “For me, it was a dream to create an entire brand … it was really exciting to be able to create this together,” she says, smiling.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The farm from which the Greggs source their blooms is located in high altitude with proximity to a volcano. The combination of abundant sunlight and ash in the soil makes for ideal conditions to grow roses. “The best roses in the world come from Ecuador,” Deborah says. “We choose the best of their best.”

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