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Linzi Martinez

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There are two kinds of food in life that keep you thriving and feeling ridiculously alive; primary, and secondary. Surprisingly, many schools of thought do not believe that the primary food is what you actually put in your mouth, but rather it is your relationships with your family and friends, your attitude, your career, and your general love for life. Secondary is your food!

Studies from all the Blue Zones in the world – areas where centenarians can be found, have one very common thing amongst them… primary foods are at the forefront of their well-being! They have strong social ties, great family values and togetherness, they stay working well beyond the norm, they have incredible community participation, and they live their lives with purpose. The purpose is simple yet completely fulfilling. Stellar food and nutrition were not the common thread – crazy right?

Great food for thought!

The best? These are all things we can control because they are a CHOICE! We get to choose our attitudes, our friends, our careers and even our communities. We can choose how we want to behave and how we want to perceive the world around us… we can choose to comment and bring to life a negative when a positive is equally available in most situations! We can choose to see the silver lining in just about everything and everyone…it changes your life. Always remember that you are everything you think you are, and equally, you are everything you think you are not!

Of course, what you put into your body is of great importance, as is the addition of movement with choice exercises…imagine you have both, primary and secondary foods in check… now that’s a beautiful life! Choose what you love in life and don’t settle; you are worth it!

With so much love,

Linzi Martinez

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