For the Reefs

The 1 Hotel South Beach will host an event to celebrate World Reef Day

Hoping to raise awareness on the vulnerability of coral reefs worldwide, the 1 Beach Club at 1 Hotel South Beach will be hosting an event to honor World Reef Day on June 1. The hotel partnered with Raw Elements Certified Natural Sunscreen and The Reefline, a nonprofit organization, to bring attention to the threat facing coral reefs and what actions can be taken to protect South Florida’s valuable coastline.

The event will help introduce participants to The Reefline’s 7 Mile underwater public sculpture park, snorkel trail and artificial reef, which will be located off Miami Beach’s shoreline. The first phase is scheduled to be completed by December 2021.

Miami Beach Commissioner Michael Gongora will honor Reefline with a proclamation for the event and guest speakers will feature Raw Elements USA Founder Brian Guadagno and Reefline Founder and Creative Director Ximena Caminos educating the audience on the importance of World Reef Day. Proceeds from the event will benefit The Reefline.

According to the Office for Coastal Management, coral reefs generate $3.4 billion in economic value in the U.S. and it is estimated coral reefs help protect coastlines from floods saving $94 million annually.

For more information or tickets, click here.

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