Help Transform Senior Living In 2022

Carlos L.

Martinez, CPA

President & CEO

United HomeCare®

“There’s just no place like home.”

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The New Year inspires us with renewed hope for achieving personal goals and happiness. Neuroscience
has revealed that giving is a powerful way to create more personal joy. Acts of kindness will help you reduce stress, combat depression, and provide a sense of purpose. United HomeCare invites you to
volunteer with us, offering vital support to seniors in need. As the largest nonprofit organization
serving South Florida’s seniors, we see the needs of older adults firsthand. Frail elders often experience isolation and loneliness. Volunteer and financial support is needed to help them remain engaged in the community as they age.

Our mission is ever more important, as the older adult population is increasing dramatically. Without community and financial support many older adults can no longer remain living at home. Honestly, “There’s just no place like home.”

Here are 12 ways you can help older adults in South Florida. [1] Volunteer your time and talent.[2] Give to charitable causes that help the elderly. [3] Spread the Word! Tell a neighbor, your family and friends, post in social media. [4] Advocate for the elderly. [5] Buy a Gift Certificate for Personal Home Care. [6] Visit an assisted living facility or nursing home to offer your time, talent, and good conversation. [7] Help an elderly neighbor. [8] Teach Your Children to treat elders with dignity and respect. [9] Help a Family Caregiver. [10] Stay Involved. [11] Learn from the elderly. They are a treasure! [12] Try adding volunteering and charitable giving to your bucket list this year. You’d be surprised what a difference you will make. For more information, please call 305.716.0710 and help “Transform Senior Living.”

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