How can I get rid of stubborn areas of fat?

Dr. Nathan EBERLE

Atlantic Center of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery

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The most common and efficacious way to remove fat deposits resistant to diet and exercise, regardless of location on the body is by undergoing a liposuction procedure.

Do I need liposuction? Can I have a “non-invasive” procedure instead?

While many “non-invasive” body contouring procedures have come to market and many/most have disappeared, liposuction continues to be the “gold standard” for body contouring/fat reduction, as it is the only procedure which can reliably deliver results. The “non-invasive” procedures, while some are still on the market, deliver mild results for only the most ideal candidates.

How is the procedure performed?

The most traditional form of liposuction is suction assisted. However, many different modalities of energy/power have evolved over the past several years. Most common being power assisted. Regardless of modality used, the result is based more upon surgeon technique rather than device.

What type of anesthesia will I need?

Liposuction can be performed using anything from a basic tumescent technique (local anesthesia) to full general anesthesia. The choice of anesthesia type is more patient and extent of procedure dependent than surgeon preference.

Who performs liposuction procedures?

Although other surgical and non-surgical subspecialties perform these procedures without formal training, the only surgeons appropriately trained to perform the full spectrum of liposuction procedures are Plastic Surgeons. Our office, Atlantic Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, provides two board certified plastic surgeons, which routinely perform liposuction procedures.

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