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It’s Holiday Time!

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Third quarter earnings season was just what the doctor ordered to get the market out of its September
doldrums. October started out strong and ended as the highest returning month since November 2020. Earnings results remained robust as over 80% of reports have exceeded analyst expectations.

Commentary from many companies was filled with concerns about the difficult supply chains and enduring inflationary pressure. The Federal Reserve maintained their commentary about not raising interest rates while officially announcing the slow start of their asset purchasing program. The market seemed to shrug off any bad news as it continued to climb to new records after a strong October. At
this point, it seems that very little can stand in the market’s way between now and the end of the year.

Holiday season is fast approaching, and no obstacle is seemingly large enough to stop it from happening. After last year’s bleak and lonely holidays, everyone seems extremely focused on making sure they don’t get canceled again. Moods are elevated and people feel good about the sense of normalcy returning to their lives. After more than a year of loneliness, anxiety, and uncertainty, what better way to celebrate life than an over-the-top holiday season? It’s the reprieve and familiarity so many people are desperately craving. Personally, my calendar has not been this full of events in a very long time. Even with shattered supply chains and inflation, consumers are determined to find the gifts, food, flights, and other accommodations necessary to celebrate in a big way. With this backdrop, many companies have been relentlessly advertising for the holidays since the day Halloween ended. This should bode well for the market through the end of the year as active consumers should continue to boost their spending and
the economy

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