Johnnie’s Pit pop-up to offer Gameday specials during college football season

As football season approaches, this Maryland Pit BBQ pop-up will serve fans their favorites on Saturdays and Sundays inside Taurus Beer & Whisk(e)y House.

Celebrate football season with homestyle BBQ at Johnnie’s Pit Beef & BBQ. This Maryland Pit BBQ location will be operating their pop-up inside Taurus Beer & Whisk(e)y House in Coconut Grove on Saturdays and Sundays to allow fans of every team to enjoy delicious food while they watch the game on one of Johnnie’s multiple TV’s.

This Saturday, guests can enjoy signature BBQ sandwiches from 5 to 10 p.m. in anticipation of the UF v. UM game at 7 p.m. Additional specials include $4 draft beers and a $10 draft beer and tequila shot combination.

These specials will be available every NFL and College game day throughout the 2019 season.

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