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Juice Heals

Linzi Martinez

Personal Trainer/Nutritional Therapist

Host/Executive Producer HHS makeover TV series

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Ok, everyone remembers their mama telling them to eat your veggies! Well, mama was RIGHT, but did she know just how right she was?

Raw living foods are one of the greatest tools for disease reversal and lasting health. They can heal, prevent and in many cases cure all sorts of ailments!!! Only now we have taken it one step further than what our moms told us, instead of eating them, we now get the most outstanding benefits from juicing our Veggies!

Consuming fresh LIVE juices is literally like having an intravenous infusion of vitamins, minerals and enzymes because they go straight to your body without needing to be broken-down…providing rapid and profound health benefits!

But why can’t I just eat them, you ask? Juicing separates the fiber from the liquid providing a concentrated easily absorb powerhouse of healing nutrients!!! You see, most of us have an impaired digestive system from poor choices and just everyday living which limits our absorption potential… so in the pure liquid concentrated form, without the fiber, we will absorb more and start healing faster. Juicing makes it easier to consume large quantities of veggies as well. It would truly be impossible to eat as many fruits or veggies or even drink that much with the fiber to have an equal number of nutrients in juicing – you would burst!

Not everyone will bite into a raw beet, nor even think to purchase and chow on a bushel of parsley… so juicing also gives you with a wider variety and expands your healing phytochemicals as each veggie offers unique benefits!

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