Love Your Life After 40 and 50!

Linzi Martinez

Personal Trainer/Nutritional Therapist

Host/Executive Producer of the award-winning HHS Makeover TV Series

FB: Happy Healthy Stronger

IG: Linzimartinezofficial


For women over 40 and 50, weight loss, energy and positivity come from a very different place than when they were in their 20s and 30s! As women age, hormones decrease, causing their muscles to be less dense, which in turn slows down their metabolism… and, yes, this the recipe for weight gain.

There is an amazing solution, and it works every single time! Most importantly, the benefits to this method go beyond what you see in the mirror … it breeds better health, amazing moods, incredible positivity, sound night sleeps and insane energy! Are you in?

Here’s the remedy… ready? REVERSE IT! We need to increase our muscle density, and increase our metabolism to decrease our weight! All done through exercise and nutrition!

We must provide our body with the building blocks of muscle, amino acids, only found in proteins! And then we must do metabolism resetting exercises to increase the density of our muscles! It is much simpler than you ever thought possible! Life begins at 40 and 50, it’s not downhill from here… Ladies! We have enough time behind us to be confident and ready to not make the same mistakes… And enough time in front of us to enjoy every single second of our lives … Take control, and take care of the most important person in the world… YOU! Love yourselves so you can LOVE YOUR NEXT HALF OF LIFE feeling ridiculously alive!

I invite you to join my spring Academy! One week of an all-inclusive program to teach you a lifestyle that will arm you with the knowledge to change your life forever! For more information, find me on Facebook @in-home fitness with Linzi Martinez.

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