Ladies Only Workouts at Figurella

Europe-based chain Figurella offers women a unique approach to fitness

Figurella, one of the largest women’s fitness centers and spas in the world, doesn’t have anything personal against men. It’s just that the Italian-based concept with seven South Florida locations understands that the fitness training and health coaching it offers doesn’t apply to the opposite sex.

“Figurella requires a lot of heart,” says Chiara Migani, Figurella’s U.S. marketing manager. “It’s by women, for women. We know how women feel, and Figurella is designed to be something like a heaven––to help women relax and feel better.”

Founded in 1982, there are more than 350 locations in 20 countries, with 200 centers in Italy and more than 100 in South America. The company’s patented pieces of equipment, including the Bubble and the SpaShell, help women see dramatic results in as early as a couple weeks, Migani says.

“Men and women’s bodies work in such different ways,” Migani continues. “The services we offer here are specifically targeted toward women and what they go through, like hormonal issues, pregnancy and menopause. Women are always concerned with keeping everything together for everyone else, but at Figurella, we take the time to care for them.”

The Bubble workout (featured picture above) takes about 30 minutes, which the company claims is equivalent to about 90 minutes at a typical gym. With dedication and commitment, Migani says clients see results within two weeks. Figurella’s SpaShell, referred to as a “detox bath,” increases oxygen levels. The result, Migani says, is improved blood circulation, a significant metabolism boost and glowing skin.

“Instead of warming your body up during a workout through different movements, the Bubble puts each client at her unique temperature to begin burning fat immediately,” she says. “That way, clients perform low-impact exercises specific to their bodies without risk of injury. We work little by little to target different changes.”

Compared to other weight-loss centers and gyms, Figurella focuses on diet, exercise and overall lifestyle. That’s why it equips each client with a motivated and trained “personal assistant” that keeps clients accountable.

“We also work with each client to decide how long they need to continue this for, based on their goals,” says Migani, who also owns the Doral location. “Basically, our personal assistants are like the little angels on our clients’ shoulders guiding them the right way, whether they’re actually at the studio or not.”

Over the next few years, Figurella aims to expand rapidly across the U.S. Plans call for nine new locations, including two in Puerto Rico; the next one will open in New York.

“Figurella is the reason I’m in the States,” Migani says. “I moved here four years ago for the company to handle the marketing, but, in the process, I fell in love with the message and helping women. That’s why I also decided to open my own franchise. It’s still a family-owned business, but it’s in the middle of exploding.

“We believe in making a lifestyle that works for each specific woman,” Migani adds. “We take a holistic approach to making women feel good. That’s why Figurella has seen the kind of success [it’s had in] the last 30 years.”

Figurella has locations in Pinecrest, Coral Gables, Doral and South Beach, as well as in Boca Raton and Weston. Visit

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