Maintaining Youth and Vitality

Anthony Rentas

Ex-Tensions, the Ultimate Stretch Facility

Founder & President

100 Plaza Real S Suite H

Boca Raton, FL 33432

We are a sitting culture. We sit to eat, travel, work, learn, and lounge. Constant sitting shortens the hip flexors causing Anterior Pelvic Tilt, which accelerates aging. This condition impacts 80-90% of the population.

The pelvis is the spine’s “shelf.” Anterior Pelvic Tilt causes the thoracic/cervical spine to bend forward, which creates forward head syndrome. This causes a spinal cord kink and delays the body’s response to messages sent from the brain. Energy from the brain that is sent throughout the body is inevitably disconnected from the life source/message center due to the compression of the spinal cord. Whenever life is disconnected from the life source, it immediately begins to decay. When an orange is on the tree it is lively and vital, the moment it falls from the tree it begins to decompose because it is disconnected from its life source.

This new disposition accelerates aging at a rapid rate because the brain must work overtime to send messages to our organs and muscles using a limited pathway. Our reservoir of information has now become an IV drip due to compression of the spine caused by the tilted pelvis. It’s like drinking through a straw and bending it while you’re still drinking, energy (liquid) becomes limited, and you must work harder for minimal results

At Ex-tensions we alleviate anterior pelvic tilt and bring vitality and quality back to your life after just one session. You will immediately begin to “rapidly” reduce bodyfat from exercise because you will have more Muscle Recruitment, better Neuromuscular Efficiency, Improved Circulation and an increased Metabolic Rate that will enable you to burn more calories proficiently and live life youthfully.

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