New Year, New You

2016 was a rough year for many of us. We have some suggestions that might make your life easier and better—and help you fulfill your New Year’s resolutions—in 2017.

Gift_FullAdd some zing and health to your daily eight glasses with the Citrus Zinger (opposite page). This easy-to-clean 28-ounce bottle makes it easy to infuse your drink with citrus, cucumbers and more. ($15.99; Target;

If you still need a more organized life even though you use a calendar app, try going back to pen and paper—with a twist. Bullet journaling is a new trend changing the way people plan. The Bullet Journal’s (right) simple-to-use rapid logging system helps you track your short-term and long-term goals in an old-fashioned way that feels new again. ($24.95;

SenseImagine waking every day, knowing you had a good night’s sleep—and feeling it, too. Sense (right) sits by your bedside and monitors your sleep cycles. It also serves as an alarm, plays soothing sounds and is voice-activated. ($149;

Multiple sticky notes and sloppy handwriting can make us forget the Livescribe 3 Smartpenimportant things we wrote down. The Livescribe 3 Smartpen (below) solves all your memory problems by saving what you write on your mobile device and then allowing you to share your notes. ($149.95; Best Buy;

Google HomeIf you didn’t snag it during the holidays, don’t hesitate now. Google Home (above) is your personal assistant and more. The voice-activated device plays music, answers questions, set timers, checks the weather and syncs to your home. ($129; Best Buy; Target; Walmart;

PerfectKitchenLifestyleContents_PerfectCompanyBecome a master in the kitchen with some technological help. The Perfect Kitchen PRO Smart Scale and App System (left) is a smart scale that works with different apps to help you make cocktails and smoothies. Best of all, the scale allows you to bake without measuring as you follow recipes with the app. ($129.95; Sur La Table;

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