rudy moise

Partnering For Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion

Dr. Rudy Moise, D.O.


Comprehensive Health Center LLC

United HomeCare® Board Member



In the age where the pandemic emphasized the need for DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion), United HomeCare had the foresight to address this through forging intentional partnerships that addressed expanding our service footprint to underserved communities, while contributing to workforce and economic development in our surrounding communities.

Diversity is a fact; however, inclusion is an act. In that spirit, United HomeCare developed the Learn and Work Program. The Learn and Work program partners for an inclusive and equitable Miami with Florida Memorial University in Miami Gardens and Thelma Gibson Health Initiative in Coconut Grove, South Dade and surrounding communities to bring access-to-jobs and access-to-care to underserved communities. This special program is funded in part by Simply Healthcare Foundation, TD Bank Charitable Foundation, and United Way Miami.

To keep our seniors comfortable, it works best when our home health care advocates mirror who they are servicing by matching culture and other indicators that makes the senior feel like an extended family member is helping them.

We implore you to be a lifeline to those in need. Provide a healthy and safe environment. Meet basic needs that many of us take for granted. Provide food and sustenance so that they don’t go hungry. Prevent institutionalization so they can remain at home where they want to live, and alleviate senior isolation, loneliness, and depression. Provide access to jobs and access to care. Give to those who need us, our seniors and their family caregivers so that the most under-served and neediest population are not forgotten.

Please contact us by calling 305.716.0710 or visiting www.unitedhomecare.com to apply for a position or help fund our Learn and Work program.

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