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Prehistoric Flight

The Frost Museum of Science in Miami debuts a fascinating new exhibition from the Mesozoic Age

Flying reptiles enjoy their Mesozoic moment at the Frost Museum of Science this month as part of an exhibition presented by Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs—fittingly, the largest U.S. museum display about the largest flying creatures that ever lived—touches down at the Frost on Saturday (May 15).

The exhibition includes life-size models, fossil displays, videos, and an interactive flight lab that all help to educate attendees—and dispel myths—about animals that soared for more than 150 million years. Among the revelations: Pterosaurs flew with their fingers—and walked on their wings.

The exhibition, organized by the American Museum of Natural History, runs through Sept. 6 inside the Hsiao Family Gallery on the first floor of the museum. Visit for more information.

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