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YOU are not stretching enough – guaranteed – unless you’re a Yogi, gymnast, or Ex-Tensions enthusiast. People do very little regeneration techniques or recovery stretching after their fitness activities. Fitness activities or sports cause muscle stress. Regeneration or “Regen,” for short, helps the muscles recover. Regeneration includes stretching and releasing muscles used during sports/fitness activities.

Professional athletes engage in recovery stretching. Professional athletes regen is extensive and a major part of their training regimen. They cannot operate at max level if they do not cause their bodies to recover. So why do recreational athletes think they are different? Recreational athletes must do regeneration, because their bodies recover slower than professional athletes.

Clients come to me with pain and discomfort problems, many of whom participate in high intensity training (“HITT”) programs or cross-fit style gyms. These clients tell me they do this five or six times a week! Yikes!

Intense training/exercise causes immense stress on muscles and joints. One hundred burpees or walking lunges five times a week produces tremendous tightness and fascial realignment. Fascia – the protective tissue covering the muscles – remodels itself along the stress lines. Failure to engage in fascial realignment contributes to tightly knotted muscles that develop over time, due to repeating the same thing, i.e., “100 burpees.”

Myofascial release techniques, such as the ones we practice at Ex-Tensions Stretch Facility, have been shown time and time again to be the most effective method of proper muscle recovery. Proper muscle recovery means less stress on joints, which translates to better mobility and stability, and most importantly – no more muscle and joint pain for your activities and in your day to day life. So are you contributing enough time to your Regeneration every week or are you just overtraining?

— Kyle Gardner

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