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The selection of the right legal counsel for your corporate and/or personal needs is critical, and it should not be taken lightly. Attendance at the best law school or working at one of the “finest” law firms, does not automatically mean the attorney you select is the right one for the job. There are several factors to consider when selecting the right attorney. First, when selecting legal counsel, make sure the prospective attorney has the precise experience you need for him/her to handle the legal issues presented
by your case. There is no substitute for an experienced counselor. Like the practice of medicine, the practice of law is vast. While law school educates attorneys about a variety of legal topics, it does not mean that a real estate attorney (for example) is also qualified to probate your mother’s estate.

When considering the right attorney for your legal needs, it is wise to do a lot of research and inquire about the specific experience of prospective legal counsel. Second, make sure the attorney has the capacity to service your case. This includes making sure that the law firm where they work has sufficient resources to work your file, such as sufficient support staff, paralegals, and other associates to handle your matter (perhaps at a more affordable hourly rate). Moreover, when selecting legal counsel, make sure the attorney will “quarterback” your matter, versus blindly delegate your matter to another attorney who may not have sufficient experience or knowledge to handle your case. Finally, when considering legal counsel, make sure you are comfortable with how their services are rendered, the potential strategies they employ, and whether their personality will suit your needs. Without a cogent relationship, you will have little faith that the legal counsel will appropriately handle your case. These elements are also necessary to foster a professional relationship. To the extent you need an attorney to handle a litigation matter, please do not hesitate to contact us and inquire about our services.

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