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evolution yoga-3443An Expansive yoga-centric fitness facility makes its east coast debut in Coconut Creek

Luke Hoffman had been looking for a second location to open his Evolution Yoga studio. He found the perfect space almost 2,500 miles away.

His flagship studio is in Henderson, Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas. But Florida was on his mind, and he spent two years researching the Sunshine State. “All the way up through Tampa, Orlando and the Space Coast,” he says. But Coconut Creek offered want he wanted to set up shop.

His co-partner, Parkland resident Maxine Schwartz, says much of the “perfect find” in Coconut Creek involved the old real estate adage: location, location, location. “I’ve lived in Parkland the last 20-something years. For me, I’d have to travel to Fort Lauderdale or Boca Raton to find even something close to what we’re offering at Evolution Yoga.”

Inside the former Carls Patio store at 6814 State Road 7, next to Havertys Furniture, is a fitness lover’s playground. Bright and welcoming, the roomy, 12,000-square-foot space has five studios, each created with a mindfulness that will resonate with members.

Classes include yoga, hot Pilates, TRX Suspension training, barefoot training, battle ropes, barre, “booty flow” and kettlebell, and some unique to Evolution Yoga. Hoffman adds that everything has a “theory of yoga through it.”

In one of the larger studios where the signature “Love Set” classes are taught, among others, a customized thermal system was installed. “We made an investment because it is so important for perfection in temperature for us,” says Stacy Mesmer, a partner in the business.

The Love Set class, for example, is set at 95 degrees with 40 percent humidity. At Evolution Las Vegas, hot Pilates and Love Set are the most popular; the traditional, nonheated Vinyasa is the third most popular.

“There’s a difference in the way you can move, the way you can stretch, in a heated or nonheated room,” Schwartz says. “Not that either one is better. It’s just a different experience. That is why we offer everything.”

The idea of a subscription-based membership, where there’s no limit for participants in the number of classes they can join, is another plus in Evolution Yoga’s business model, say the co-partners. “We design the schedule that way, so someone can take a Hot Power Flow class, then try TRX, then go to vinyasa yoga,” Schwartz says.

The space was also designed with a comfortable, spa-like ambiance, with changing rooms that feature inviting showers and complimentary bath products, and fluffy bath towels for rent at $2. (Members may bring their own.)

evolution yoga-1335-2
“We wanted the space to be really high-end, but at a fair price,” Mesmer says.

The partners share a vision for the studio to become part of the Coconut Creek community. Buddhist- and Sanskrit-inspired artwork adorns the walls by Boca Raton artist Victoria Bronfman. It’s all for sale. “We are going to bring other artists in, too. We want to create a community vibe here,” Schwartz says.

Since opening in December, the studio has hosted a day for a local charity, which included yoga classes and vendors selling locally created items to benefit the charity. Boca Raton-based Raw Juce is setting up a location inside Evolution Yoga.

“Traditionally, yoga has been an elitist thing. But there is a huge segment of the population that wants to participate—that wants to breathe,” Hoffman says. “If we can offer the best-quality product in the nicest environment with an amazing assortment of classes, great instructors and at a cheaper price than anyone else, then we reserve the right to attract the masses. We’re sharing something we love with as many people as possible.”


For information, visit evolutionyoga.com or call 954.421.0589.

Love Set: Poses specifically sequenced to strengthen muscles. Set poses fall in the same order each time. Good class for beginners new to hot yoga.

Vinyasa Yoga: Centered around breath-synchronized movement.

Hot Power Flow: Taught in the heated studio, this energetic form of yoga incorporates strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular exercise, as well as physical and mental stamina. A perfect blend of sweat and serenity.

Kirya Yin Yoga: Breath control and meditation to calm and focus the mind with classes in hot studio. Postures are passive and held for a length of time.

Shakti Booty Flow: High energy influenced by hip-hop dance. Booty shaking and rhythmic yoga sequences helps unlock lower energy centers.

Restorative Yoga: Props, which include bolsters, blocks, blankets, etc., are used to provide a supportive environment. Relieves the effects of chronic stress on the body.

Yin Yoga: A quiet practice where each posture is held for several minutes.

TRX Suspension: Unheated class uses gravity and own body weight to challenge muscles. Developed by a Navy SEAL.

Battle Ropes: High-intensity interval training combines elements of velocity training with cardiovascular exercise.

Kettlebells: Build endurance and strength using an effective tool for weight loss and cardio endurance.

Hot Pilates: Taught in a heated room, Evolution’s class combines Pilates with high-intensity interval training, cardio and yoga.

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