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The “Diet Food” Trap

Linzi Martinez

Personal Trainer/Nutritional Therapist

Host/Executive Producer of the award winning HHS Makeover TV Series

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Losing weight, maintaining healthy weight, or simply wanting to be healthy creates an amazing marketplace for manufacturers to capture our attention, especially when they know how tempted we are as human beings! It’s hard enough to stay away from sugary, yummy tasting foods like cakes, donuts, cookies and chocolate in thought, and even harder to walk away from them when we see the words “fat free,” or “sugar free,” or “low calorie” on our favorite items in the grocery store!

Here is the scoop: If it’s fat free, commonly there is added sugar for taste. Sugar, once consumed, if not burned and used immediately, will be calling for insulin – a fat storing hormone! So, the reveal… (drum roll…) unless you are planning to do some pretty intense exercises to use the flood of glucose you just ingested, that fat free label is only valid while in the BOX!

If it’s sugar free, then they usually add in more fat for taste. More fat means more FAT! Worse, it’s usually the wrong harmful fat! And to add insult to injury, a common primary sweetener used is Aspartame, a known excitotoxin and neurotoxin, which is responsible for the most FDA complaints – and clearly an awful choice for your health!

Here’s the solution: Have the real deal occasionally and resume eating well again right after! Don’t look for “Diet” on the label! Live a lifestyle, not a diet. If you eat poorly most of the time, and occasionally eat well, THIS DOES NOTHING! Fortunately the opposite is true, if you eat well most of the time and occasionally eat poorly, THIS DOES NOTHING EITHER! Skip all the marketing tricks, lures and temptations, and be your own boss! Arm yourself with the knowledge to take care of the most important person in the world …YOU!

With love and passion to making your tomorrow better than your today,

Linzi Martinez

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