Restaurants give back in Coconut Grove

Restaurants losing business amidst the shutdowns and restrictions and cash-strapped locals struggling to put food on the table. Filling in the gap with help for both is the Coconut Grove Business Improvement District’s Grove Stove program through which restaurants are paid to provide meals for the community.

Through a $150,000 contribution, the Grove Stove program is relaunching after a seven-week run from September to October and distributing 3,200 meals to Grove Crisis Network, Grove Outreach and St. James Baptist Church. Restaurants are paid $15 per meal to make 50 meals that consist of a protein, veggie, and starch. Besides the money per meal, restaurants that participate through the entire program also receive $10,000 in financial aid.

“Our new program feeds both struggling businesses and our neighbors in need. Restaurants can keep people working, while providing top-quality hot meals to the community,” says Miami City Commissioner and Chairman of the Coconut Grove BID, Ken Russell. “The Coconut Grove BID is fueling the economic recovery of our area eateries adversely affected by the pandemic and supporting individuals hit hardest by the current health crisis at the same time.”

This time around, the program will run 14 weeks through Jan. 7 and will include 15 restaurants, including Saffron at the Grove, Atchana’s Homegrown Thai, The Blonde Bistro, Florida Avenue Hospitality, Bombay Darbar, Harry’s Pizzeria, LoKal, Meraki Greek Bistro and others. The Coconut Grove BID expects that this round of the program will provide more than 6,000 meals to the community.

“The love and inspiration we feel for this city is the lifeblood of Ariete Hospitality Group,” says Michael Beltran, owner and executive chef of Ariete Hospitality Group. “Giving back to our community is paramount to who we are and who we want to be. Anytime the Coconut Grove BID is able to reach out and alert us of a new opportunity to lend a hand, we are one step closer to becoming the company we want to be.”

Learn more about the initiative by watching this video.

Featured image: Staff from Atchana’s Homegrown Thai

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