Tomas Redrado Art Celebrates Latest Miami Art Gallery

The debut of “V” featured the works of Paris Kain

Tomas Redrado Art recently celebrated the debut of their latest exhibit, “V,” featuring the works of Paris Kain, a highly acclaimed multimedia artist and filmmaker whose work includes contemporary art, photography and jewelry. The art gallery reception featured a who’s who of Miami VIPs who enjoyed cocktails while viewing the modern art displays featuring framed silk tapestries by Kain that serve as an ode to antiquity and the new digital world.

For the “V” exhibit, Kain juxtaposed George Orwell’s masterpiece 1984 and Artificial Intelligence with a lighter historical fashion trend of the 1990s, another “V” – the iconic Versace silk shirts.

Tomas Redrado Art, an art gallery in Miami, strives to position the visual arts market, allowing it to boost the supply and demand of art pieces made by contemporary artists in the U.S. and Miami markets. Tomás Redrado is the CEO and Founder of Tomas Redrado Art, to help showcase Miami’s most sought-after gallerists and exhibitions.

Photos by Anna Barnat

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