The Top 10 Jewelry Styles and Trends You Need to Know

Layer & Stack

When it comes to layering and stacking pieces, the more the merrier! Combining stacks of rings, IMG_1608_400bracelets, necklaces, and even earrings are increasingly sought after. This look is not only for women, but also wears well for men. Incorporate dainty pieces among bolder bangles, having fun with textural differences for a flawless, on-trend look. Traditionally more of a fashion jewelry look, stacking is more recently becoming a bridal look as well. Photo Credit @zoechiccojewelry

Two-in-one rings are a great option for those who love the layered look, but have trouble putting pieces together. There is increasing popularity for pieces that look to be two separate items, but are actually joined together.

Curb Links

Curb links feature tiny indentations on each link, allowing the piece to lay nicely on the skin. The chain_bracelets_and_ring_combo2_croppedaddition of diamond pavé details to curb link chains are a stunning detail that is both incredibly eye catching and captivating. Play with this look and layer it with other colored curb links or bangles for a glamorous, on-trend look.

Y Necklaces & Chokers

A dominant pairing for layering is the combination of ynecklaces and chokers. The contrast of a choker lana_layered_image_Instagramsmallerlying high on the neck, transitioning to a y-necklace down the décolletage area is both stunning and contemporary. The fluidity of layering these pieces together is very feminine and flirty—a look you and your significant other are sure to love! Photo Credit @lanajewelry

East-West Engagement Rings

The engagement ring trend dominating the show, without a doubt, were east-west engagement rings. cat-banner-tacori-directionally-chic_1From Tacori’s directionally chic collection to A. Jaffe’s innovative Pirouette ring, designers are creating pieces for all styles and preferences. Learn more about this stunning, modern trend here.

Bypass Rings

A classic style that is getting a modern, new look—bypass rings feature the band wrapping around your JWB007_300pxfinger with each end passing by each other on top. A popular style of these by-pass rings features the ends being two, larger stones but also can be several stones creating the illusion of that layered look.

Celestial Inspired

A unique, playful trend in jewelry that we are loving feature shapes of moons, stars, and suns. IMG_1571 IMG_1572Encrusting these celestial shapes in diamonds and gemstones creates an elevated, yet whimsical look. Get a little creative and incorporate these celestial pieces into your layered look, from stacking rings to necklaces. Photo Credit @EFCollection


Originating in home design and accents, tassels are making a transition into the jewelry world. Not only philips_house_earrings_tasselare they ornamental and alluring, but also incredibly complementary toward natural movements. More elevated tassel styles feature metal chains often accented with diamonds and other gemstones. Other designs go for a more fun, fashion look with richly colored beading and silk threads.

Bolo Bracelets

Feminine and dainty, bolo bracelets are adjustable and lay low on the wrist closest to your hand. SomeIMG_2628_300px feature pave diamond accents and others offer a simplistic look with plain metals. They not only look great on their own, but also can be layered among bold bangles for contrast.

Geometric Shapes

A popular trend continuing from last year, geometric shapes are still playing a huge role in the industry.Capture tacori-womensgeo_earrings227y_10350px From hexagonal halos on engagement rings to triangular accented fashion jewelry, geometric shapes make for a modern, sexy look you are sure to love.


What is better than one choker? One choker that turns into three unique looks! We are absolutely E1711DY202loving this trend of convertible pieces. A pair of drop earrings may convert from a short daytime look to a long, elegant evening style. Not only do these pieces make your accessory selection double, but are incredibly practical for those weekend getaways and trans-continental trips.

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