Westfield Broward launches #WestfieldCares

Westfield Broward gives back to the community through a program that raises awareness of local nonprofits

Last week, on April 8, the emergency team at Westside Regional Medical Center felt the community’s gratitude for their work in a tangible—and edible—way. Westfield Broward, the mall in Plantation, partnered with Buffalo Wild Wings to donate 150 meals to nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists and other staff members treating patients with COVID-19.

This initiative is a part of Westfield Cares, the nationwide program from Westfield shopping centers around the country that’s responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by bringing awareness and encouraging donations for local nonprofits. Westfield Broward and employees are using the hashtag #WestfieldCares on social media to spread the word about these efforts. As part of #WestfieldCares, later this week, Westfield Broward and Chick-fil-A will deliver 41 meals to the Plantation Police Department during a morning trip and an evening trip. The mall is also donating to Broward Pantry, which is providing meals to families affected by COVID-19, and encouraging the community to donate as well.

Lifestyle asked Westfield Broward’s general manager, Angel Cabrera, a few questions about the initiative.


What #WestfieldCares initiatives you can tell us about?

“… Next week, Westfield Broward will also be delivering meals to the Plantation Fire Department. Along with monetary and in-kind donations, #WestfieldCares is intended to help drive awareness and additional donations for nonprofits that serve groups such as those experiencing homelessness, economically disadvantaged families, seniors and children. While we are initiating a number of events, we are also encouraging our community to join us in this involvement. We’ve had outreach from several organizations and those who wish to partner with us can contact us at [email protected] or [email protected].”


Can you speak to the future of #WestfieldCares?

With so many people in our local community directly affected, our goal is to continue to serve those in need. While COVID-19 has created so many unprecedented challenges, we are committed to working through this difficult time and doing all that we can to better our community. By embarking on new partnerships and opportunities, we can make meaningful contributions that keep our community healthy and safe while driving awareness and additional donations.


What does it mean to you, personally, for Westfield Broward to be able to help the community during this time?

Westfield Broward has been a part of the fabric of the community for many years. Having deeply rooted relationships with so many of our employees, tenants and partner organizations, I personally want to do everything I can to help those in need.


Is there anything you would like shoppers to know?

Shoppers can follow us on social media to see the ways we are working within the community to celebrate and encourage giving back, with the hope of inspiring others to do the same. There are opportunities to get involved and no contribution or action is too small. Westfield Broward has also engaged to thank first responders and medical professionals who are putting themselves in harm’s way each day on behalf of the communities they operate in. We salute these local heroes who bravely go to work each day.


Learn more about Westfield Cares here. If your organization is interested in participating, email [email protected] or [email protected].


Photo courtesy of Westside Regional Medical Center


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