The world of pop culture too often disappoints us with would-be role models these days. (Raise your hand if you are a disbe-Bieber.)

That’s one reason this issue’s cover story of Pat and Anna Cleveland is so inspirational. There is the superficial reason to love Pat: At 60+ she seems to have lost none of the sexiness and beauty she had in the 1960s when she paved the way for black super models. Ladies, just because you are a little older doesn’t mean you still can’t work it and turn heads.

She’s inspirational for being multitalented whether it’s bringing theater performance dance moves to the catwalk, running a modeling agency or writing poetry. She’s inspirational for overcoming racist attitudes in the 1960s, such as segregated bathrooms that weren’t open to black models on tour with her. She is inspirational for surviving the 1970s, hanging out with the likes of Andy Warhol and Mick Jagger, without falling prey to the excesses that claimed too many people. She is inspirational for putting her modeling career aside, marrying Paul van Ravenstein and raising a family, Anna and her brother Noel, who has also done modeling. She is inspirational for nurturing her daughter’s talents. There’s a strong local connection now with Anna living in Delray Beach after having been born in the Netherlands and growing up in Italy.

New Features

We have a few exciting new features in this month’s Lifestyle:

Shireen Sandoval, the entertainment and fashion blogger for Deco Drive, joins us as a monthly columnist with “Shireen on the Scene” – expect a fun-filled read.

Renée K. Quinn brings her knowledge of the local foodie scene. Among her many civic and charitable activities, she’s known for her heavy involvement in JA World Uncorked! and being on the advisory board for the Art Institute Fort Lauderdale.

Lifestyle Live! goes beyond our usual scene pages to show and write about some of the fashion statements being made at our local events.  

East vs. West looks at the difference in residential/lifestyle options that are available depending on whether you live closer to the ocean or the Everglades. This month we use the price tag of $1.5 million – personally, I’d have a tough time making up my mind.

Kevin Gale

Kevin Gale, Editor-In-Chiel