5 Questions: Britt, Miami Dolphins Cheerleader

If some people are born natural dancers, then Britt certainly is one of them. The Miami Dolphins cheerleader started dancing tap, jazz and ballet at age 3 and didn’t stop, becoming a ballroom dancer at 12 and learning rumba, salsa, jive and cha cha.

Britt (the team doesn’t share its cheerleaders’ last names for privacy reasons) brought her passion for dance to Palmer Trinity High School, where she would become captain of the cheerleading squad. That, in turn, led her to seek the ultimate cheerleading stage; she tried out for the Dolphins’ squad at age 18.

Five years later, Britt is captain of that group. (She was co-captain during her third and fourth years.) The thrill of cheering for an NFL team never gets old.

“It’s so exhilarating,” she says. “I get goosebumps every time I step on the field, and the spirited fans are always electric no matter what. I love being able to help bring on that spirit with our performances.”

In high school, Britt volunteered for Miami-based Best Buddies, the nonprofit that serves people with developmental disabilities. She continues to support the community through her off-the-field efforts with the Dolphins’ squad. One of the highlights has been visiting young cheerleaders at local hospitals.

“When we walk in the door, the smile on their faces lights up my day,” she says. “It’s a memory that’s stuck in my head. They ask us questions about how we got to where we are and it inspires them and helps them forget about their sickness.”

A recent graduate of Florida International University’s honors college, Britt is pursuing a career in physical therapy; she worked as a tech at Active Sports Medicine Center and volunteered at the South Florida Rehabilitation and Training Center in Miami.

Britt also recently posed for the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Annual, a published collection that features photos of the squad members in South Florida locations, such as Miami Beach and Key West. The proceeds from the Annual will benefit the Miami Dolphins Foundations’ post-Irma rebuilding efforts in the Keys.

Pinecrest Lifestyle recently asked the Kendall resident a few questions about her life.

1. What makes you most proud to be a cheerleader?

I feel like something people don’t think about is that we’re well-rounded. We’re multifaceted individuals who represent all women: professionals, athletes, students. It’s a sisterhood that I’m very grateful for. We’re extremely hard-working individuals who strive to be positive role models. We always think about how we can inspire all females through fitness and public speaking. I’ve been on multiple hospital and school visits and charity events. I’m looking forward to doing the Dolphins Cancer Challenge in February [for the first time]. And, of course, in addition to all that, [I get to] cheer on my favorite team every home game.

2. What are some of your responsibilities as captain of the cheerleading squad?

I try to set the tone for practices and help with decision-making. During practices on game day, I call specific dances that we perform on the sidelines for fans. I feel, with the experience that [I’ve gained through my leadership role], that I’m a [person] to come to should the girls ever need anything. If something goes wrong on game day, the co-captains and I are experienced enough to know what to do.

3. You and the squad visited troops in the United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia and Bahrain for the 2015 Super Bowl military tour. What was that experience like?

It was rewarding and unforgettable. We were lucky enough to bring the troops a piece of home. The girls and I got to know the men and women and speak to them about their families and what they do day to day. We also performed for them and they really welcomed us and gave us a tour of their stations. It was an incredibly fulfilling experience that I’ll never forget.

4. What made you interested in pursuing physical therapy?

My brother is a nephrologist at Massachusetts General Hospital. He’s my role model, and I’ve always looked up to him. He hyped my interest in the medical field in addition to my love for science. There’s a physical fitness aspect to physical therapy that I love—helping people get strong and back to health.

5. What’s your favorite part about your job?

I get to do my passion of dance in addition to being a role model for young girls. It’s an iconic group of girls and we strive to inspire by being ambassadors for the organization. The organization is absolutely incredible, and I hope to stay in touch with it for the rest of my life.



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